Scriptorium 2

11 Oct 2020

Why Trump?

Early voting in Texas starts this week. I will be voting for Donald Trump, and I would like to explain why. ## Politic...
14 Apr 2020

I Love Easter Monday

Yesterday was Easter Monday. For me, the build up of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum, climaxing on Easter Sunday is ex...
12 Apr 2020

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter. As I think about Easter, I remember the Easter Liturgy I attended in 1999 ...
10 Feb 2020

A Warning

When I was a new Christian in high school, I read the Bible quite a bit, including the Old Testament. I saw how the Isr...
05 Oct 2019

Has the Catholic Church Been Infiltrated?

On June 20, 2018, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, one of the top Catholic prelates in the United States, was removed from ...
15 Sep 2019

Sword and Serpent Review

I recently finished reading the [*Sword and Serpent*](
08 Sep 2019

Something Special

[Natural Revelation]( is very important ...
18 Jul 2019

The Truth About God Through Creation

I have written about [seeking truth](, so lets talk about...
18 Jul 2019

Some Thoughts on Abortion

I was in a political discussion in the comments of a Facebook when the topic of abortion came up, and I wrote a rather ...
14 Jul 2019

Seeking Truth

I have been interested in what could be called "theological issues" since I was in high school, even though I did not m...