Scriptorium 2

26 Dec 2018

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

As I was beginning my journey to the historic church, which resulted in me entering into the Catholic Church, I encountered a Latin expression, “Lex orandi, lex credendi,” which means “the rule of prayer is the rule of faith”. People in the Orthodox Church used this expression to say that the best way to learn about what Orthodox Christians believe is to look at how they pray, which means to look at their liturgy.

Many years earlier, when I was a Calvinist, I was taught the importance of right belief and how that could affect behavior. Now, the McCarrick scandal in the Catholic Church has caused me to put these things together and realize that corruption of the liturgy and doctrine in the Church has enabled the corruption of the hierarchy that is becoming so apparent. Although definitive dogmatic teaching of the Church has not changed, people have been working in the periphery to change the perception of Church teaching. The language in the texts of the liturgy has been weakened to reduce the impact it would normally have to reinforce the truth. The cleverness of what has been done over the last century is diabolical, but that should not surprise us, since Jesus and the Apostles have warned us that the devil would attack the Church. However, Jesus also said in Matthew 16:18 that even the gates of hell would not withstand the Church.