Scriptorium 2

14 Jul 2019

Seeking Truth

I have been interested in what could be called “theological issues” since I was in high school, even though I did not much care about religion until I was a junior. Even before I began my life of faith, I recognized that the topic was important. Christians believe in an all-powerful God who rules the universe and will judge us at our death. I saw that if this God existed, he should not be ignored, but I did not know a way to know if he existed, and I had thought that modern science had made his existence unlikely. I later learned that was wrong.

Even after I became convinced that the God of Christianity was real, I still had a lot to learn about him and what he wanted from me. Learning this was complicated by the fact that Christians disagreed on the answers to many of these questions. Therefore, even though I had some answers, many others remained elusive.

For me, the quest for truth has been a life-long process. It is not a process of frustration or futility, but it is a process of growth. Rather than being a purely academic exercise, like studying some scientific discipline, this process involves a personal transformation that is necessary to have the capability to know the truth in its depth. Even so, I recognize that some things will remain hidden to me in this life, only to be revealed in the next. Even then, there are things that I will never understand, but I hope to be with the One who does know, and I will be content with that.